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GROW with Mindful Island

At some point it is not enough to learn and practice alone, at some point in the process you must connect with another being who has walked the path before you. This is the way of developing and healing the self. 

Our primary experiences that haunt us in adulthood were almost never solo experiences; they nearly always occurred in relationship. For this reason it is imperative in the healing and growth process to forge new, healthy, meaningful relationships with others who can support expanding your awareness and help you deepen your understanding.


This is an important aspect of the vision at Mindful Island; authentic growth happens in relationship  with other. Mindful Island's unique growth programs connect you one-on-one and in small groups with guides and peers who will give you the final step in the LEARN-PRACTICE-GROW Formula, the support you need to integrate what you have learned and practiced in the presence of another. 

Become The Hero Of Your Life Story NOW!


The first step for one-on-one guidance is to fill out the application form from your program of choice to asses whether and which of our experts are a fit for you. After filling out the form, you will be contacted through email within 48 hours with a response to your request with possible dates/times for a free 20-minute strategy call. During this call we elaborate on your unique circumstances, discuss your wellness blueprint for transformation and explore whether we are good match for an intensive program.  After committing to the program, a first extensive assessement call will be scheduled. 


Live online meetings

Access to audio and video content

Hyper-personalized programs to support your unique goals

Skill development and practice opportunities

Mindful Island Method of Transformation

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Mindful Island One-On-One Guidance

 Identify limitations and self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors

Experience positive, lasting behavior change.

Increase creativity and flexibility

Improve mental, physical and emotional well-being

Your goals and life challenges are unique to you.  In the ancient traditions of Yoga and Buddhism awakening was directly transmitted in one-on-one situations from teacher to student.  This time-tested way of awakening has been lost during modern times as a result of the demand of the western world for fast, generalized delivery of information. The consequence of this are less than optimal and, sometimes even, detrimental outcomes. 


Generalization has become the standard. Generalized medicine, generalized movement programs, generalized diets, generalized therapy, generalized learning experiences, and so on.  This homogeneity does two things:


2. It assumes that all things work  for all people, A FLAWED THINKING APPROACH.

Mindful Island takes a traditional stance on the transformation experience and believes that ULTIMATE expansion is derived from ONE-ONE-ONE GUIDANCE and PERSONALIZED PROGRAMS. 


If you are ready to step into your  best life, Mindful Island One-on-One Guidance is here for you.  

Both Of Mindful Island's One-on-One programs are built on scientifically supported strategies to help you optimize your life and achieve lasting success. Tap the button to learn more.


Using the scientifically supported Mindful Island Method of Transformation through one-to-one interaction with your Mindful Island Team Member is an invitation to transform your life forever.

At Mindful Island we know that by the time you are ready for a one-on-one support, likely you have already tried numerous methods of change and failed to achieve your desires.  This is because change is nearly always temporary.  No one makes money on empowering you to take charge of your own life and providing you with the skills to continue the work of optimal well-being on your own.

This is why so many methods of change leave you coming back again and again for support, seeing results temporarily and then losing them quickly.  This is NOT our approach.  


We empower you to step into your wisdom mind and take charge of your life so that eventually our services become unnecessary to your progress.  


This is an unique approach based on the core belief that all humans have hidden inside of them exactly what they need to live their best lives.  

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Begin the hero's journey. 

add  mindfulness to your daily life.

Download our free e-book and start your new path towards transformation.

One-on-One Guidance is a way to hold yourself accountable for doing the work needed to achieve the life of your dreams.Learn techniques to develop the skills you need to experience lasting results in the area or areas of life you are currently struggling with; mental health; personal growth; physical health; and; personal relationships.  

The truth is in many cases, you already know what direction you need to follow in order to transform yourself but are simply finding it difficult to take the actions necessary to follow through on your ambitions. You likely suffer, as do many people, from negative self-speak about lack; lack of ability, strength, bravery, intelligence, and the like.


Fearing failure or, as is often the case, success, you hold yourself back from your full potential.  Through Mindful Island One-On-One Guidance you will learn to move past fear, set clear goals, and be held accountable for taking the necessary steps to achieve your deepest desires.  It won’t be easy or comfortable, but it will definitely be worth it.  

Are you ready to begin your transformation today?! Choose your program below!


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