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Transformative Vitality & Performance Solutions for Organizations

The greatest asset in your organization is human capital

Why you must invest in vitality


Organizational vitality is the ability of an organization to thrive and adapt on an ongoing basis amidst changing economic, cultural and political environments. As such, it is directly related to the growth, development and sustainability of an organization and is intimately connected with employee vitality. When a organization thrives it is not because of policy and infrastructure alone. Employee involvement, connection and vitality are critical to success. 


Employee vitality as fundamental cornerstone


Employee vitality is not only related to wellness and physical health. Employee vitality is about creativity, aliveness, passion, involvement, connection and empowerment. Vital employees make vital contributions. Motivated and empowered to enhance the operations of an organization, vital employees see their role as paramount to success in whatever they do... Vital employees are more committed and less often sick. They manage (work) stress more effectively, deliver higher quality output, perform more efficiently and report feeling a deeper sense of life and work satisfaction.


The Vitality Problem

The Vital Cost

The Problem: Poor lifestyle choices and detrimental (social) organization environments lead to poor outcomes for employers.


In 2019 in the UK alone, unhealthy employees cost businesses an average of 35 days per year of productivity, a dramatic increase from 2014.

While this challenge is clearly bad for business, the larger implication is that people are suffering, with the youngest generations at the highest risk. To bring it home to the Netherlands:

In 2021 it was reported that 82% of Dutch young people were on the verge of burnout.
17.3% of employees struggled with a burnout in the Netherlands in 2021.
In the Netherlands, the category of Business Services has the 5th highest burnout rate of any industry.
1.2 million people in the Netherlands in 2021 suffered from employee burnout, costing employers 3.2 billion euros.


The biggest driver of burn-out, calling sick and intent to leave? Toxic workspace environments and disrupted interpersonal communication.


Only one conclusion can be extracted from this...


Employees are suffering and the expenses for you as business (owner) and organization are high. 

But now the good news: It doesn't have to be this way. There are solutions to these challenges which need to emphasize both individual vitality and resilience + responsiveness enhancing strategies, AND interpersonal connection.

How we can help you

Team Experience

Start with our unique half day 'Back to Essence' organizational (management) team/department program touching upon the most  fundamental dimensions around vitality, connection & performance. A perfect mixture between direct experience and theoretical framework . With or without intentional follow up.

Vitality Analysis

Only when you gain insights in what truly goes on for your employees can you undertake the most effective intervention.

Gaining insights in what the needs of your employees are will be done by means of both qualitative and quantitive tools. The vitality analysis can be part of your tailored multiple week vitality program.

Tailored Vitality Program

Invest structurally and in-depth in employee vitality with our 12 or 24  week programs. Entirely tailored around your organizational/MT needs, goals and challenges.

This is the most transformative intervention. Your employees will learn and implement strategies, principles & practices around the most fundamental dimensions regarding vitality. Not only  effective, but also efficient AND sustainable.

The Vital Entrepreneur 

This is an individual and tailored transformative 14- week program for business owners and leaders within an organization.

Business owners, managers and leaders set the tone for the entire organization. Click here for all details regarding this program.

* All services can be provided in English and Dutch.  Furthermore, everything is based on recent and strong peer-reviewed scientific research and almost two decades of direct experience & consistent practice.

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The organizations below invested in team vitality & cohesion with us too. Are you next?

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Intentions are good, but only (non) actions will be transformative.

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