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A Vital Business Starts With You

Thé #1 transformative growth program for male entrepreneurs & high performers. Not only a free, energetic body, but also a restful, focused mind AND more business impact.

Without vitality, no optimal & sustainable performance

As you move through this program you will be creating new habitual patterns, learning and structurally implementing the most transformative vitality & performance principles grounded in recent, strong scientific research across several disciplines. Everything is based on a 'Back to Essence' approach. You will gain competency in how to utilize the following interconnected domains:

Mental Resilience to crush distraction, boost creativity and to act with clarity in (unexpected) critical situations 

Authentic Relaxation to enhance optimal recovery so that you can go hard sustainably without burning out

Physical Movement efficiently to avoid musculoskeletal deterioration, tension & enhance physical freedom

Intentional Nourishment to eliminate inflammation in your bodymind, boost energy levels and shed excessive weight sustainably without spending lots of  time and money on cooking with good tasting foods 

In other words; you will start learning and implementing what the educational system, your parents and average, mainstream coaches & trainers didn't teach you, but absolutely should have.

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Your ambition surpasses your energy levels

Do you recognize yourself in some of the following symptoms?

You are experiencing increasingly more fatique

You tend to become more and more irritable & reactive

Your mind is overactive and anxious. It's difficult to relax

Your body is tense/achy, you're gaining weight easily, you have lower libido and losing muscle tone

Long-term consequences
If this remains your reality and you don't start to prioritize health & vitality it will result in:

Increasingly becoming weaker and less adaptive

An almost guaranteed burn out and other dis-ease overtime

Loss in sensing business opportunity for sustainable growth

Less connection & presence for the ones close to you

Loss in overall day-to-day joy and fulfillment in life

Challenges with your vitality

See the sooner vitality becomes a priority for you, the faster you will move towards a more energetic and vibrant life. This directly affects your ability to keep giving and growing sustainably with your business. So don't wait until the perfect situation or conditions arise. They never will. Hence, start prioritizing and investing in your biggest asset -yourself- now! 

Why NOW is the time to act

'The Vital Entrepreneur' Program Details  

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The 'Vital Entrepreneur' program can start for you at any given moment (given available space) and is a MEN ONLY program for males between age 35-65 living (mostly) on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. You will be guided in English or Dutch. For those of you who don't live on Bonaire yet resonate with my approach, there's an alternatively structured, yet just as effective,  'online-only' format as well.


* Note: If you are not an entrepreneur, but have a managing/leading function in a company or are a driven employed male professional, you may qualify for enrollment too.


Essentially, 'The Vital Entrepreneur' is an individual, entirely tailored program that meets you and your unique contextual needs/schedule best based upon an extensive assessment (both qualitative & quantitative) in the first week of the program. Yet, and this makes it even more powerful, it has a (optional) group element embedded in it which is extremely beneficial for your process. Keep reading on for all the details.

The Vital Entrepreneur Program Includes:

A weekly 65-minute individual in-person session in a private 'vitality oasis' (multiple am-pm time slots available from Monday-Friday that fit your schedule best).  The primary focus during these sessions is on interdisciplinary physical movement practice where you will be working on developing/enhancing/learning about attributes like suppleness, mobility and organic strength meeting you with sensitivity where you at in terms of capacity. And of course, how to sustain + expand these important attributes effectively and efficiently throughout life.

Access to the mobile application for this program. This contains daily selected (and gradually expanding) behavioral patterns across fundamental vitality/performance dimensions to explore and engrain which you need most considering your unique context. Expanded each week without overwhelming you. But also 1* (2 in the online only format) created physical practice created around your needs with video’s & description (may be more). This will condition you to be able to do, and even construct, your own effective physical practice towards the end of the program and thereafter with minimal tools and without depending on personal trainers that in >95% of the time only make you stiffer, fatigue you excessively and put you on unsustainable, 'pseudoscience' diets. Plus multiple weekly check-ins. 

Weekly 20-minute individual accountability/coaching call*: Discussing your daily patterns from the mobile application, bottlenecks, diving into questions, elaborating on the why’s and discussing the few additional (self-exploration) assignments that are part of this 'Vital Entrepreneur' program which will support your process. Of course you can ask specific questions anytime during this program through digital messaging. * Longer calls with practices apply to the online format.

Regular open time-slot for cold water immersions & informal connection*. This is optional, but highly recommended as cold water immersions are great to boost your metabolism, dopamine levels, testosterone, build mental resilience and reduce system wide low-grade chronic inflammation. Besides, this open hour will connect you with the other men partaking in this program. This is also an opportunity to dive deeper in dimensions around vitality, gain business insights & connect in person with like-minded men and share experiences as the program moves on. *Only with the in-person format.

To sum it up; with commitment to yourself and the 'Vital Entrepreneur Program' you will: 


  • Improve focus, attention control & clarity

  • Enhance resilience & immune system functioning

  • Increase overall restfulness & self-regulation

  • Eliminate chronic stress & body-mind tension

  • Learn effective energy-, priority- & time management skills

  • Improve body composition, organic strength, mobility & physical freedom

  • Deepen presence and connection with your beloved ones & like-minded men in this program

  • Deepen your current degree of self-knowing; your strengths. weaknesses, your boundaries and capacity

  • Learn when and how to apply + progress the specific tools/strategies/principles that you learned without being dependent on designated areas and trainers/coaches for the rest of your life!

And all the above is needed in order to keep on giving and growing sustainably with your business without depleting yourself while enjoying day-to-day life. 

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. The more you (un) learn, the more you’ll earn.” ― Warren Buffett

The time investment required for the 'Vital Entrepreneur Program' for the process to be transformative & effective is about 3,5 hours per week. Besides, you will actually start reclaiming more of your time during this program as you will become much more efficient in executing tasks, and eliminating distractions. 

The minimum required commitment to the vital entrepreneur program is 16 weeks. This is truly the minimum amount of time you will need for significant adaptations to emerge and sustainably integrate all patterns. 

The monetary investment for the 'Vital Entrepreneur Program' depends largely on the format of the program and whether you choose for an one-time payment or multiple terms.  

Independent of which option you choose, the investment for the 'Vital Entrepreneur' program is business tax deductible under 'Human Resource Capital Investments' and will have a strong ROI!

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Find more reviews under 'mindful island' google business. 

So what do you for want yourself this year and beyond?


Is 2023 going to bring you more of the same? Or is it going to be a year of breakthroughs and (out)growth? 

Breakthroughs regarding your degree of vitality, performance, business impact, your relationships and your mission?  Now if this is what you want and you are aiming for a year of unprecedented breakthroughs, you have to make ONE CRITICAL DECISION...  

Are you willing and going to gradually change your behavior drastically? To undo detrimental habitual patterns and implement transformative, constructive ones?

Look, if you are not willing to this, everything else will truly be insignificant... You will just get more of the same. Not a problem if that's okay for you. 

BUT if you are committed and longing for more vitality, sustainable business impact, and fulfillment, the 'Vital Entrepreneur Program' is thé opportunity to take NOW.

Determined to join the winning minority of vital and impactful entrepreneurs?! Click the button below to request a 10 minute orientation call to asses if you qualify for this transformative program.



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