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Personalized Vitality Experience 

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Free, Energetic Body
Restful, Focused Mind

Looking for an unique experience but also recognize the need for follow-up?  If YES, this right here is your answer.

Your Personal Vitality Experience Includes:

An in-depth consult/assessment through which we gain insights in your current circumstances, habits/daily patterns, unique challenges and (professional) aspirations. 

A 2,5 hour vitality experience tailored upon insights gained from the consult in which you will be guided through several modalities like revitalizing movement concepts, our unique 'outgrow' deep breathing technique, cold water immersion(s), authentic relaxation, and functional movement patterns. This combination releases tension/blocks, instantly induces a heightened sense of aliveness and creates space to engrain new 'optimization' patterns sustainably. In addition, you will receive intentional hydration and an organic recovery snack.

A personalized, self-sabotage proof 4-week vitality plan to follow up with (non) actions after the experience. The plan contains daily patterns (max. 2 per week) related to movement/nutrition-fuel/relaxation and is based upon your contextual needs, capacity, available time, strong recent scientific research and over 15 years of dedication in both coaching and personal experience/exploration.

Email/whatsapp support for specific questions and experienced bottlenecks in your process PLUS two random check-ins. 

Investment: $279*
Location: Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands
*15% discount applies for Bonaire residents
The investment for 2 persons is  $399 and includes 1 plan

How it works:

Step 1. Send an email with 3 possible date/time options for your experience. 

Step 2. Within 24h you will receive a date/time confirmation + details to finalize your booking.

Step 3. Within 72h after the experience you will receive your follow-up plan

This experience is guided by Health Scientist, Performance Coach, Movement Teacher & Therapist Niko Sati Nikolic 

What others said about this experience 

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'' Being led to play with the masculine side of self has been long overdue, for the child exist there. In my experience, I was anxious at first, but realized it was all for me, which not only encouraged me to persevere the trepidation of performing as a man, but also allowed me to be embraced fully as myself, without interruptions and put me where I needed to be in the center of my own essence.  In this way, Niko is and was very humble, kind, understanding, present and intuitive about my limitations and needs. The plan that I received afterwards was incrementally designed and extremely useful for my process. Can't recommend this vitality experience more. Diverse yet specific to my needs. Totally worth the investment and highly recommend.'' K.B.

'' This in-person vitality experience with Niko was truly great. He was very present during the consult and asked comprehensive questions that allowed the experience to be tailored around my needs. During all that followed he guided me very clearly and was very knowledgeable as well as reassuring. I left feeling extremely revitalized. The program that I received afterwards was nothing shy from perfect. Like promised overwhelm proof yet effective. For anyone who is looking to increase overall vitality and performance of whatever kind, I highly recommend this offering.'' - J.S.

'' I have engaged in several wellness services/experiences  in the past, yet this one is by far the best one. Superb guidance during the modalities we explored and the plan was just what I needed to follow up and engrain all that we explored during the session''  - A.D.

'' Very unique and profound experience. Left feeling incredibly rejuvenated. The 4-week plan I received within 48h after the session was very clear. Not too easy or too challenging and very helpful in my process to overcome the fatigue I experience for over a year now. '' - T.F

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What should your experience + personal plan primarily focus on?

Physical/Mental Body Focused

Your choice if you predominantly need to: 

  • Overcome low energy, chronic fatigue, restlessness

  • Reduce physical tension, tightness and pain

  • Shed excessive weight and reduce inflammation

  • Enhance physical freedom & overall (athletic) performance

* Multiple options will likely apply. Both types of experiences/plans can have overlapping strategies since we utilize an integral approach. 

Mental/Emotional Body Focused

Your choice if you predominantly need to: 

  • Overcome rumination and/or anxiety 

  • Overcome ongoing negative thought patterns and/or emotions (anger, hatred, jealousy etc.)

  • Release past trauma/emotional baggage 

  • Enhance spiritual connection

* Multiple options will likely apply. Both types of experiences/plans can have overlapping strategies since we utilize an integral approach. 

''The transformation you are looking for won't be the result of accumulating more knowledge, but of actual (non)actions.''

The plan that you will receive after the integral vitality experience is a blend of both patterns/strategies to add on the one hand, and patterns to shed on the other hand. In the four weeks ahead of you, you will be engraining and shedding 4-8 behavioral patterns.  The plan can include links to video material that relates and/or demonstrates a specific pattern. The same applies to related articles.

To ensure that the plan delivers sustainably and minimizes the odds of self-sabotage, the plan is structured in a gradual expanding fashion in terms of load and volume. This is based upon strong evidence from the discipline of neuroscience regarding behavioral change. 

Are You Ready For This Transformative Vitality Experience?

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Do you need this but aren't living nearby or visiting our physical location anywhere soon? 

If this is the case for you, consider our 'e-vitality option' below. It encompasses a 35 minute video consult + 4 week self-sabotage proof plan. The process is identical to the initial offer described above but without the in-person experience.

The investment for this option is $119


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