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The Mindful Island Success Formula

Scientifically backed, spiritually vetted programs to help women transform trauma experiences into valuable opportunities for growth and joy.  


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Mindful Island
Education for the Heart

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1.Integral Approach

An integrated, joyful life requires an integral, multidimensional approach. This is exactly why our process is so transformative and sustainable. Learn how to use and adapt the most potent tools and best strategies from the most essential disciplines, fields and schools of thought effectively into your life.

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2. Continuously Updated

The curriculum, methods and strategies used in our coaching trajectories are not merely founded on decades of personal experience, but also continuously updated and based on the latest insights from high quality peer-reviewed research. With us you don't waste your energy on outdated strategies

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3. Incremental, Flexible Structure

At Mindful Island we know that no size fits all. However, there are some basic principles that every human being can apply to improve their life conditions. Therefore, our integral growth programs are delicately molded around your unique circumstances and needs. Our approach has shown to be 'overwhelm and self-sabotage proof' in both short and long-term.  

What others say 

I have followed classes, mindfulness training and meditation with Sarah Sati. She is brilliant. So much insight, knowledge, feeling and compassion. Can’t recommend her more! 

Paulien, Dutch Teacher 


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