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“Each of us is an island of peace inside of ourselves, connected through the ocean of experience.”

Mindful Island is a global self transformation platform initiated to contribute to and support the conscious evolution of human beings.


The planet is suffering.


More than 800,000 people die from suicide each year; one person every 40 seconds. Additionally, 25 million adults are on anti-depressant medication and, over the last year (2021), the prevalence of people on anti-anxiety medication has increased more than 10% compared to the previous year. Then there is the continuous rising prevalence of obesity and related chronic diseases, 'burn outs' or extreme chronic fatigue and relationship problems
Did you read all of that?  Read it again just to be sure.

Humans are suffering. The planet is out of balance; humans are out of balance. Something has to change.


It may not be the case that you're suicidal, on anti-depressant medication or suffering from burnout (although it may also be the case that you are), but if you are reading this now, there is something aching within your heart that is asking to be addressed.


What can be done?


It is no longer enough to educate ourselves in classrooms about merely external topics like science and math. The planet needs an education revolution that recognizes that, without educating individuals on the process of being human, on how to unlock the capacity of the internal self, no amount of external learning will ever solve our problems. 


This is the reason behind Mindful Island; to bridge the divide between the internal and external worlds and teach humans across the globe what they should have learned in school, but didn’t, for true resilience, well-being, and authentic healing. This is the path to end suffering. 


We want to congratulate you on taking the initial step towards self transformation by seeking out Mindful Island. You have come to the right place. We are here for you.

At Mindful Island we offer opportunities to learn how to master the internal world, how to manage over reaction and absorption with the external world, and in these ways how to optimize your potential so that you can achieve the authentic and balanced life of your dreams.

Through personalized one on one programs, retreats, and self guided courses Mindful Island meets you where you are at in your individual process of self transformation. Our mission is to provide the highest quality services and products based on science and direct experience, and developed with love. In this way, we merge compassion and wisdom to offer expansion in the most authentic way possible. 

To read more about the name Mindful Island visit our FAQ page.

About Mindful Island

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The Mindful Island Method of Transformation

The Mindful Island Method of Transformation rests on three main pillars; learning, practicing, and growth opportunities. Within these pillars, all programs and services use the following methodology to meet you where you are at in your process of growth. This scientifically based method of transformation systematically wakes you up to your role as the Creator of your own life experience.  As you awaken to your Creator capacity you open the gateway to achieving your highest potential.

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Meet The Team

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Sarah Sati
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"It is my life mission to be a seed in the wind for the flower of the mind." 


Sarah Sati, M.A. is a self transformation expert, author, and the creator of Mindful Island. She holds a Master’s degree in Experimental Psychology, where she spent her academic life researching the benefits of mindfulness based techniques on cognition and emotions. With two decades of deep work in the fields of wellness, psychology, mindfulness, meditation, and individual and group transformation, Sarah uses her knowledge and experience to support the growth of humans who are ready to deepen their connection to self and step into a more joyful life experience.

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Niko Sati Nikolić
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''For exceptional performance, vitality  and day to day fulfillment, you must do the exact opposite what of the large majority does''


As a Health Scientist (Maastricht University MS.c), Educator, Performance Coach & Movement Specialist Niko Sati Nikolić  is known for his integral approach to enhance physical freedom,  (business & athletic) performance and authentic vitality. His primary areas of expertise are performance optimization, interdisciplinary movement education,  anti-inflammatory nutrition and habit & mindset transformation. He has been working with world class athletes, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizes frequently public group events. 

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Noël Tarquinii
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''Everything matters, we are all connected."'


Noël Tarquinii, M.A. is a holistic health and wellbeing practitioner, with over 20 years of experience in mindfulness practices, communication strategies, internal development, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence. Noël brings a light hearted presence and infectious energy to all of her engagements. Alongside the work she does with Mindful Island, Noël works as an organizational director in support of Human Resources, with team and individual coaching. She has developed essential programs and facilitated training in the United States, Italy, and Japan for corporations, military installations, and educational facilities

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