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Foundations of Mindfulness

Live Mindfully. Be Well.

When are you finally ready to admit there is a problem? 
Regain presence, attention, and joy with the power of mindfulness.


Mindfulness is the answer.

Foundations of Mindfulness helps you fully integrate as a human; cognitively, emotionally and energetically. This integration is what brings authentic joy. Backed by science and thousands of years of experience with Buddhist meditators across the globe, discover through direct experience how mindfulness is the secret ingredient to every successful and fulfilled life. 

"I was like what I think a lot of people are like, present but not fully there. My attention span wasn't great and I was disconnected from my body and emotions. Foundations of Mindfulness opened me to presence and retaught me how to stay with myself regardless of circumstances. My attention has improved tremendously, and I am overall more content with life. But there is something greater than this that has changed, its a deep feeling I cannot describe. I am different because of this course."
M. Rowen, 38 Administrative Assistant

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Foundations of Mindfulness will help you reduce distraction, increase restfulness and reconnect to your body, feelings, and inner self. It is the FIRST step to authentic health and healing.

Quick Course Overview

Course content:

  • 6 self paced learning modules:

    • Module 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

    • Module 2: The Awakened Body

    • Module 3: The Awakened Breath

    • Module 4: The Awakened Mind

    • Module 5: Open Awareness

    • Module 6: Nowhere to Go but Here

  • Audio, video formats for practices

  • Downloadable, printable PDF Course Manual (also available for purchase and delivery).

Self-paced Learning experience 

Lifetime access 

Option for live online guidance.

Certificate of completion.

Your Investment: A one time payment of $159

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