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Personalized Plans for Self Transformation

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In ancient times, self transformation was a process passed down from teacher to student in a one on one format.


This is because, even though our pure essence is the same, there truly is no one in the world quite like you on this physical plane of existence. No one has lived your exact same life.  This means that a one size fits all approach can only go so far in helping you to expand beyond your personal story and allow you to reach your ultimate potential.  


Mindful Island's Personalized Plans for Self Transformation are created just for you. They take into consideration your unique life story and are created to help you maximize your transformation.  


Plans come with:

  • 45 minute one-on-one soul reading, live online, where information will be gathered to create your unique plan. 

  • A 15-25 minute personalized meditation made exclusively for you.

  • A 21 day plan for how to incorporate your unique meditation into your life for ultimate transformative power.

  • Three 30 minute one-on-one support sessions, live online throughout your process.

Book your initial Soul Reading session and begin the process of self transformation NOW.


For additional questions see the FAQ page or email us at


New to Self Transformation

Meditation is one of the main pillars of the Mindful Island Method of Transformation.  To familiarize yourself with meditation before you begin on your journey, download the Live Mindfully E-Book; On Meditation.  Available for $2.99 on Amazon. 

Self Transformation Begins Now.
Create a plan that is made for YOU.

During your first session you will schedule your remaining three support sessions along with the start date of your plan.
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