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new moon fast with

mindful island

"To fast is to become intimately familiar with emptiness and release yourself from dependency upon anything other than you."

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Join Team Mindful Island each month for a New Moon Fast Reset. Improve hormonal balance and distance yourself from compulsive eating. Once you enter your email below you will be redirected to the exclusive Mindful Island New Moon Fast Community Page, where you will find valuable resources to support you during your experience. 

You Will Receive:

  • Mindful Island's New Moon Fast PDF Guide, which includes information, insights and practices to make your experience as safe and transformative as possible.
  • An exclusive guided meditation to listen to the day of your fast.
  • Links to video guidance for fasting practices.

New Moon Dates 2023

Ready to go DEEPER?

Work one on one with Mindful Island to reclaim a restful mind, energetic body, and day to day fulfillment.

Saturday, 21 January

Sunday, 19 February

Tuesday, 21 March

Wednesday, 19 April

Friday, 19 May

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