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"Inner work is the most challenging work you will ever do.  do it anyway."


Authentic Healing
With Sarah Sati, M.A

Transform your life from the inside out.  Unlock your hidden potential through the in-depth exploration of your inner world.

Sarah Sati, M.A., is a master of self transformation.


Once locked in her own seemingly endless cycles of drama from early childhood trauma experiences, Sarah set out on a mission to understand and transform her life story. Sarah uses what she has learned over the past two decades through her academic, personal, and professional experiences to help individuals like you integrate past experiences, overcome trauma and step more fully into the  joyful, magical present moment.


If you are ready to move beyond your small self and achieve your highest potential, Sarah has the tools for you.

Using a unique approach to self transformation, Sarah combines methods from

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy;

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction;

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy;

  • Prolonged Exposure Therapy;

  • Learning & Behavior Theory, and;

  • Yogic  & Buddhist Practices.

Sarah has helped people just like you across the globe:

  • Overcome childhood and adult trauma, 

  • Expand self awareness, 

  • Grow confidence and self esteem,

  • Realize their true nature free from suffering, and,

  • Manage mental, emotional and physical challenges with equanimity.

Sarah works with a limited number of students at a time. She selectively chooses who to work with based on their unique challenges and readiness to do the work needed to experience self transformation. If you are NOT ready to face yourself with honesty, working with Sarah is not right for you.

The Process

To begin the process of working with Sarah Sati, complete the application below. Once completed, we will assess your particular situation to see if it may be a fit. If it is a fit you will be contacted to set up an introductory call. During this call you will be invited to share your goals and Sarah will discuss in more depth her process. No decisions to work together are made during this call. 

Working with Sarah is a minimum 3 month commitment. The investment for this work  is discussed during the introductory call. No one who is ready and in need will be turned away. Mindful Island is committed to never letting money be a barrier between you and authentic healing.


If you and Sarah mutually decide that a relationship will be beneficial to you, your first session will be scheduled. For a minimum of three months you will meet via video conference for 45 minute sessions for three weeks out of every month. One week per month is spent with integrating the topics covered during the weekly session. Sessions are a mixture of learningdiscussion and practice.


Throughout the process Sarah will prescribe unique practices for you to work with as homework. This is where the real work begins. Sarah uses a completely personalized and individualized approach to self transformation, each case is handled as separate and distinct. You must release expectations of what to expect from working with Sarah and open yourself up to trust that the experience will be exactly what you need, exactly how you need it.


If you are NOT prepared to put in work outside of your sessions, please do not bother to fill out the application. Self transformation is not a part time hobby, it is a full time job that requires your commitment and dedication.

Apply to Work with Sarah

Thank you for submitting your application to begin your authentic healing journey. You will be contacted shortly to schedule your intake call.

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