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Practice with Mindful Island

The core of the Mindful Island vision is to look within. The insights that develop from inner exploration cannot be taught in books or workshops, they must be generated from direct experience. Practicing with Mindful Island is an opportunity to generate such wisdom.

Meditation and quiet reflection is the practice. While you may have a specific idea in your mind already about what this means, we challenge you to open yourself to the unknown and approach practice with the mind of a child, brand new to the world of experience. 

Yoga at Home

Online Yoga, Movement & Breath Classes

Meditation for Ultimate Well-Being

Medication and meditation share the same root word, translated as "to make whole".  Just as you can take a pill for hypertension, depression, or pain, so too can you utilize the healing power of meditation to help overcome whatever specific circumstances or challenges you are currently facing.

Mindful Island meditations are supports on the path to transformation. They can be used alone, or as part of a larger plan for self development and performance optimization. Choose the option that is right for you.

If you are new to meditation, download the e-book Live Mindfully; On Meditation for only $2.99. Available now on Amazon.

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