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1-Day Movement Vitality Experience 

An invitation to aliveness & connection 

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Next public day event on Saturday September 16th. Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands.

MOVE Towards Physical Freedom, Resilience & Vitality  

Energetic, free body. Restful, focused mind

This experience will be incredibly valuable if:

You want to deepen your movement vocabulary and self-care toolbox. During this movement vitality experience you will explore some of the most potent, actionable and scientifically supported principles that will MOVE you effectively towards more physical freedom, better professional/athletic performance and higher degrees of  vitality. 

You are already choosing to move differently through life than your family and friends.  Yet because of this you are feeling less connection with your social environment. During this unique experience you will establish connection with like-minded individuals dedicated to exploring new movement possibilities, (out)growth and vitality.

You have many life responsibilities and your switch is always turned on.  You realize that integral movement/self-care practices and days entirely dedicated to yourself are essential in order to be able to keep on MOVING sustainably without depleting yourself. 

Why even 're-treat'?

What is the problem most modern day professionals are facing?

Always being on the run. The switch never authentically gets turned off. Stimulation is everywhere around us.

The consequence of only being familiar with the 'on switch'? 

You will run out of fuel. Especially without intentional nourishment, lack of diverse movement strategies, authentic rest and other effective self-care practices. And this is exactly what we see in the majority of modern day professionals. Always trying to do and add more. Multitask. And of course faster. 

This is not merely the recipe for energy leaks and consequently ongoing restlessness, tension, chronic fatigue, and (sooner or later) a complete burn out, but also causes you to lose sight of what truly matters to YOU. 

Without frequently stopping and immersing yourself in space you will only MOVE away from your deepest aspirations towards superficial level distraction, craving and dis-ease.

The antidote is found in authentically slowing down and structurally enhancing your ability to self-regulate with effective strategies and practices. 

Even entirely stopping so that you can bounce back with renewed energy,  new insights, clearer intention and thus run SMARTER. 

During our integrally constructed movement retreat experiences we offer you a profound possibility to take a step back so that you can MOVE forward with renewed energy, new insights, deeper self-knowing and clearer intention.

The consequence?

You will begin to MOVE through life with less friction, but with more presence, freedom and impact.

This 1-day experience is a small time and financial commitment with an incredibly potent return on investment.  


This Is What Others Said About This Experience

Alex, Father & Video Producer

Today was exactly what I needed. Time for myself and bonding with open-minded individuals. I left feeling incredibly rejuvenated and empowered.


My experience of this day was multidimensional. Authentic, loving and informative. A perfectly balanced day between body and mind work.

Natasha, High School Teacher

Unforgettable retreat experience. Lots of depth in the practices and I felt lots of solidarity with others working on similar goals. Very special.

'The greatest insights and ideas don't emerge when we run harder, but when we intentionally slow down.'


Even on days off and holidays most people are racing to achieve something or caught up in our heads. Missing out on life itself.  And when we think we found relaxing moments, they’re often not truly relaxing.


Why is this the case?


Screens and other technology. Both extremely activating for our nervous systems and disrupters of baseline levels of so-called neurotransmitters which are responsible for motivation, attention control, energy levels and a overall sense of present moment contentment.    


This immersive experience is an alternative prescription to overcome this. Alternative since we aren't in the field of tackling and cycling around symptoms. Rather, we at Mindful Island MOVE to the root cause to induce deep and sustainable transformation.


 Be invited to stop, pause, be fully and start reclaiming what is meant to be yours:


A Restful Mind, An Energetic Body, And A Fulfilled Heart.

More Retreat Testimonials

J.S, Certified Breathwork Teacher

'' Great polarity balance and lot's of valuable expertise by Niko. Overall feeling balanced and revitalized after this immersive day. '' 

L.B., Yoga Teacher, Mother

'' Great flow of the day. Truly enjoyed exploring multiple modalities that are critical for health and wellbeing.''

I.H., Entrepreneur

'' Incredible amounts of value packed in one day. Not only is Niko's knowledge extensive and delivery captivating, it is visibly backed by years of direct exploration. Accessible  yet scalable and most certainly not floaty.  Easily worth the investment. 

P.W., Business Owner, Father

''  This is a short commitment with a lot of value for the small offering. Niko literally helps you to move yourself to new insights.I highly recommend to treat yourself to more vitality with this experience. '' 

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1-Day Movement Vitality  Experience Bonaire
Back to Essence 

WHERE: Kralendijk, Bonaire

WHEN: September 16 th, 10:00-17:05

WHO: 12  Committed Men & Woman 


What Is Included?

  • Ground Flow Movement Workshop; basic patterns, sequencing & improvisation

  • Movement of Breath & Kinetic Chain Awareness Practice + Principles 

  • Masterclass 'Moving towards Vitality'

  • Cold Water Resilience practice (9°C)

  • Unique contribution by expert guest teacher

  • Nourishing Lunch, Fruits & Intentional Hydration

  • Movement of Rhythm exploration

  • Playfulness, Connection and more...

  • PLUS you will go home with a self-chosen 'overwhelm proof' 7-day action plan'

Tap the button below to claim your seat and make the reservation deposit of €25. You will receive a confirmation of your booking with more details within 24 hours.

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