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Overcome Restlessness

This prescription plan is  for anyone dealing with:

  • Anxiety or anxious thinking

  • Competitive behaviors 

  • Repression of emotions

  • Stress or tension 

  • Inability to express needs

  • Dissatisfaction with life

  • Overactive striving or goal seeking behavior

  • Feeling overwhelmed 


Build Focus & Attention

This prescription plan is for anyone dealing with:

  • Difficulty sustaining attention

  • Challenges with shifting focus

  • Overactive or repetitive thinking

  • Obsessive tendencies

  • Lack of follow through on activities

  • Highly emotional or reactive behavior

  • Learning and memory challenges

  • Disconnection from intuition and inner vision


End Physical Stress & Tension

This prescription plan is for anyone dealing with:

  • Chronic pain

  • Insomnia or sleeplessness

  • Burnout

  • Injury or illness (acute or chronic)

  • Grief or loss

  • Stress f

  • Disconnection from body

  • Trauma (emotional or physical)


Crystal Ball
Begin Here: A Clear View

This prescription plan is for anyone:

  • New to meditation 

  • Confronting subconscious patterns of behavior or beliefs

  • Looking for healthy ways to begin processing unresolved emotions

  • In need of improved focus and attention 

  • Feeling stuck in their personal growth journey

  • Ready to begin the process of self transformation in a systematic and thorough way


The Ultimate Wellness Program with Niko was exceptional. Highly educational, great program build up and both diverse in movement and the other attention building practices. Lots of room for personal preferences too. 12 Life Changing weeks!

Laurent, Technical Diving Professional



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