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Overcome Restlessness

This prescription is recommended for anyone dealing with:

  • Physical anxiety or anxious thinking

  • Competitive behaviors leading to stress

  • Repression of emotions

  • Stress or tension from work or family life

  • Inability to express needs

  • Dissatisfaction with life

  • Overactive striving or goal seeking behavior

  • Feeling overwhelmed with life

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Build Focus & Attention

This prescription is recommended for anyone dealing with:

  • Difficulties sustaining attention

  • Challenges shifting focus

  • Overactive or repetitive thinking

  • Obsessive tendencies

  • Difficulties following through on activities

  • Highly emotional or reactive

  • Learning and memory challenges

  • Intuition and inner vision

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End Physical Stress & Tension

This prescription is recommended for anyone dealing with:

  • Chronic pain

  • Insomnia or sleeplessness

  • Burnout

  • Injury or illness (acute or chronic)

  • Grief or loss

  • Stress from life circumstances

  • Disconnection from body due to trauma (emotional or physical)

What our clients say

The in-person wellness & movement program with Niko was exceptional. Highly educational, challenging and playful.  Also learned a lot in regards to conscious eating. Great investment! 

Laurent, Technical Diving Professional



Transform Suffering

A live insight timer event

28 February 2021, Sunday
1230 - 130 PM AST

@mindfulisland - Follow us on IG

Transform Suffering

A live Insight Timer Event

During this hour long event, Sarah Sati of Mindful Island will be discussing how to use the individual suffering experience to transform the planet.  She will cover topics such as:

- how to suffer with wisdom,

- the two types of suffering,

- alchemy of the human body,

- the gift of suffering

The event with conclude with a guided breath practice. 

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