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Ultimate Wellness Program
Energetic, Restful & Resilient In 100 Days

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Mindful Island's Integral Ultimate Wellness Program; your #1 choice to reinstate energy into your body, restfulness into your mind and fulfillment into your heart.


In other words: Vitality & Aliveness.

Disclaimer: If you are merely looking to lose 10 pounds as quickly as possible, get visible six pack abs or meditate all day this program is not for you. 


This program is for you however, if you are determined to commit to sustainable health, growth and self-actualization. Commit to action and hence,  step back in the driver seat of life. And this is exactly where you belong!  


If you are yearning to change your narrative, this program is the absolute best choice. Doing so requires a multidimensional approach with strategies that nourish body, mind and spirit while shining the light of awareness on the shadows.  Yet it requires simultaneously an approach that doesn't overwhelm you. An approach that emphasizes the power of less instead of more. The power of choosing and committing. 


Most likely you need less...


Clutter, energy drainers, technology, less quantity, less filling. Less surface level distraction. Less of what the majority of people does.

While simultaneously more...


Essence. More clarity, quality, nourishment and focus on what truly matters to live a good life. 

So if you are...


a busy entrepreneur, high performer or motivated professional realize that taking better care of yourself is a prerequisite to keep on giving in a sustainable manner,  The Ultimate Wellness Program is what you need. It is the top-tier, most integrated program that we offer at the Mindful Island Institute. Entirely grounded in modern science and decades of personal experience through consistent exploration.  


This program will prove to be effective from the first week while simultaneously being sustainable and adaptable in the long run. Why? Because it is entirely tailored around YOU; around your unique needs, professional demands, changing schedule, and even favorite leisure activities.


Also, you will be empowered with the tools and understanding to maintain, develop and adapt the strategies and practices you learned to the ever changing circumstances of life. Effective, efficient and with freedom.

Committed? Apply now. Expect tremendous gains across all domains. 

Client Experiences

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Laurent, Tech Dive Instructor

As a teacher I must say that build up of The Ultimate Wellness Program was exceptional. In the first couple of weeks it's mostly about improving your unique postural needs with all sorts of daily exercises. After the first 2 weeks I noticed already changes in mood, sharpness and body. Lots of room for personal preferences in movement, attention training and nutrition too. 12 Life Changing weeks with Niko!

Kors, Medical Doctor

A comprehensive approach to health and well-being. Also as a busy emergency doctor, the tools and practices where very applicable in my schedule. Niko brought me much more in touch with my unique body and provided some unique bodyweight exercises that build both strength and focus. I was able to combine this program with my biking endeavors too. Great guided meditations and breathing practices to increase attention.

Roan, Entrepeneur

I've been working with Niko for over 1 year. Loved how personalized he framed his system around my schedule and abilities. His wellness approach has given me the tools to improve myself daily and build a solid, injury resilient foundation for windsurfing, other leisure activities and daily life. Great nutrition strategies too, lost weight and kept it off. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What results can I expect  by following this program?

While the results vary between students/clients due to differences in starting points, expect to significantly increase your focus & clarity, increase overall physical freedom/ability, decrease physical/psychological tension, improve overall body composition, increase energy levels + learn effective energy management skills, improve all health biomarkers, increase productivity & amount of high-impact work you produce , increase self-understanding & enhance self-control,  strengthen your sense of purpose and learn how to establish (plus sustain) new behavioral patterns. Of course all this depends on how committed and dedicated you are to the process.

2. What are the main elements in this program?

The program consist of several scientific disciplines/elements that are tailored around your unique needs, blood biomarkers and current capacity. The most important elements are awareness & attention deepening practices, physical movement practices, nutrition & intermittent fasting, energy management, breathing optimization, goal & purpose setting,  sleep & recovery enhancement strategies and time management. 

3. I'm on a busy schedule and often too tired to do anything 'extra', will this program work for me?

There is a lot of flexibility in the Ultimate Wellness Program to adapt around your current schedule, circumstances and needs. And sustain it.  You will learn how to block your time more effectively, get more done and experience more freedom. Also do we use powerful tools  that are effective against excessive tiredness from WEEK one. Overall clients gain tremendous results with 5 hours of time investment per week.

4. What is the duration of the program?

The duration of the program is 100 days. This is the minimum amount of time needed to turn new behaviors into subconscious habits, create significant physiological changes and also gain the understanding how to adapt all strategies, practices and tools to your life's changing circumstances. If you need more support after those 100 days, you will be given the option to re-sign per additional month. 

5. I don't live near you, is that considered to be a problem?

Not at all. The virtual system that we utilize allows us to help you independent of where you are living in the world. All practices and videos run through a convenient and user-friendly online application. Besides this, a weekly 50-minute video call will be scheduled to elaborate on specific challenges or deepen your understanding of certain elements within the system. 
6. What is the first step to take?

The first step would be to apply for an one-on-one discovery call by filling out the application form down below. Once our team receives and assesses whether you qualify for the program, you will be invited by email for a free 30 minute discovery call for three time options. If after that call you decide to sign up to the program, we will schedule a follow up call to make an extensive assessment of your unique situation and needs. 
Application Form One-on-One

Please fill out this form to see if we are a fit and will invite you for a free 30-minute discovery call!

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