An unhealthy and immobile body is an obstacle for your ultimate possibility.

Ultimate Wellness & Movement

Uniquely personalized and comprehensive wellness program conducted with one goal in mind; to empower you with the necessary skillset to transform you into your own trainer, nutrition expert and health guru for life. 

Online Available From May 2021! 

Are you ready to transform your story? A healthy bodymind allows you to optimally explore the diversity of physical experiences in the most joyful way possible. 


Do you want to finally learn how to control/sustain your weight and body composition without being on endless diets?

To feel more energized and experience more restfulness?


To decrease the likelihood of future injuries and increase/preserve physical freedom by building a resilient, capable foundation?

To create a strong immune defence and decrease dis-ease?


To become gym independent and explore new ways of using your body?

Are you also..


Willing to commit yourself to break free of conditioned beliefs and habitual lifestyle habits?

To be uncomfortable? And to move with uttermost devotion towards ultimate well-being?



If so, Mindful Island’s Personalized Ultimate Wellness Program is exactly what you need! 



This comprehensive program is the result of over 15 years of excessive health research and direct experience. During the Ultimate Wellness program you have the exclusive opportunity to work in a one-on-one format with Niko Sati; Mindful Island’s Co-Founder, Health Scientist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist and the creator of this comprehensive program.

While the majority of (online) wellness and fitness programs tell you WHAT to do, often without taking your personal circumstances into consideration, Ultimate Wellness gives you a profound  understanding of the WHY behind the WHAT.


During this life changing program you learn WHY you should or should not:

  • Perform or avoid certain exercises considering your unique body and circumstances

  • Eat or avoid certain foods and substances,

  • Breathe in certain ways.

That’s not all, most other programs and methods share yet another similarity; they are ONE-DIMENSIONAL. There are two categories of one-dimensionallity; inter-domain and intra-domain.


In the first category, you are (primarily) focusing on one wellness/life realm exclusively. This can be movement/training, eating, breathing or thinking. 

In the second category, intra-domain one-dimensionallity, your teacher or coach recognizes the importance of a integral approach. However, he/she tends to focus solely on one or two elements within this domain. For example in the movement domain, this would mean only focussing on muscle growth, endurance, flexibility or specific skills like hand-balancing. Within the eating domain, this could imply primarily focussing on when to eat -for example intermittent fasting- but barely on how or what to eat.


In both categories -and therefore most other programs- of one-dimensionallity the outcome will not only be temporary and mediocre, but often also detrimental to your well-being.


Ultimate Wellness on the other hand uses a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL approach in which you are challenged to become aware and assess current detrimental habitual patterns in the following 4 main domains: Movement, Eating/FastingBreathing and Thinking. Habits and beliefs related to these domains have a direct impact on your bodymind. Subsequently, you will create new constructive patterns which serve your ultimate well-being.


Disentagle yourself from the idea that your body and mind are separate. That there exists body and mind dualism. They are one integrated unit; The BODYMIND. This is for example the reason why anxiety directly contributes to muscle tension, spasms and adhensions (trigger-points). This is also the reason why (over) consuming processed, death foods and having a habitual slouched posture results in anxious thinking. 

This integral, holistic approach is exactly the reason why this program is so effective and unique. It helps you to create a high degree of bodymind coherence and move towards Ultimate Well-Being.

The Ultimate Wellness program is HIGHLY PERSONALIZED but is created around a general foundation which consists of:


  • Optimizing daily motor patterns/activities.

  • Improving foundational movement patterns/abilities/strength/endurance.

  • Plant forward eating and cooking strategies.

  • Basic intermittent fasting strategies (12-14hours)

  • Re-establishing abdominal and nasal breathing patterns.

  • Establishing a daily stillness, meditation routine.

Dependent of your progress, ability and unique needs/circumstances, the program might also include:

  • Improving athletic ability (power, specific sports related patterns)

  • Exploring and improving complex movement abilities & skills (hand-balancing, advanced ring work, locomotion flows).

  • Longer (intermittent) fasts (+16 hours).

  • Improving Vo2 max and advanced Co2 tolorance.

Ultimate Wellness Program: The Process  

After signing up for the program, a first comprehensive (online) assessment is scheduled.  During this call all relevant information in regards to your specific circumstances will be gathered in order to tailor the Ultimate Wellness Program entirely to your unique physical composition, needs and current capacity.


We shed light on + assess some of your current movement habits/specific motor patterns, eating/drinking habits, breathing habits, current & past aches/pains/injuries, perceived energy & stress levels, occupation & working hours and resting/sleeping patterns.

From there on, we move forward towards Ultimate Well-Being. 

Going beyond the body through the body...

When the mind is pre-occupied with physical pain, dis-ease and instability, an imbalance arises that can be a barrier to self awareness. It is only when the mind is still that you can turn most effectively inwards and abide in your true boundless nature.  A healthy, mobile, pain free body can maximize your potential for a restful, self aware mind and tap into your true boundless nature

In other words; you need the body to go beyond the body in order to perceive the  Limitless Self.

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