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We thrive in community, not in isolation.


Ultimate Wellness & Performance Group Program

Authentic Connection, Resilience & True Health is our promise!

Disclaimer: If you are merely looking to lose 10 pounds, get visible six pack abs or meditate all day this program is not for you. 


This program is for you however, if you are determined to commit to sustainable health, resilience, growth and self-actualization. Framed differently; this program will help to put you back in the driver seat of life. And this is exactly where you belong! 

WHAT others said about this program

Lisa, Teacher

I found a lot of value in being part of this group program experience. I gained lots of insights in regards to myself through those 5 weeks. Definitely going to continue with lots of elements/habits the program touched upon.

Kathy, Physical Therapist

The program was really well thought out, planned and implemented. Grateful that I have been part of the first edition and established such a great connection with the other participants. I am experiencing many positive changes in my life from this program.

Randy, Physical Therapist

Interesting and fun journey of experiences that quiet the mind and expand awareness of movement and ideas I knew nothing about.  Highly recommend it.

This group-program is a true stepping stone for those yearning to change their narrative and to transform their story.

This requires a multidimensional approach. An approach that doesn't overwhelm you. An approach that emphasizes the power of less instead of more. 


Less clutter, less chaos, less technology, less powders, less quantity, less filling. Less surface level distraction. Only essence. More quality, nourishment and focus on what truly matters for sustainable transformation.


If this sounds like what you need, then...

You are invited to step into your power with like-minded individuals during this 35 day immersive, multidimensional and scientifically supported program led by Health & Performance Scientist Niko Sati Nikolić (to read about other student's experiences working with Niko click here).


In collaboration with local health/performance professionals, Niko will not merely teach you some of the most potent strategies that will help to regain/enhance your energy, focus, health and fulfillment to your life, but you will also be guided towards a deeper understanding of yourself. 


So if you are...

a determined adult between 25-60 years of age, willing to both establish new constructive habits AND unlearn outdated habitual self-sabotaging patterns that weaken, degenerate and age your Bodymind continuously, fill out the application form NOW. 


Scientific research emphasizes that a strong why, as well as a systematic approach, group setting and accountability are among the most fundamental elements for sustainable change. This 35-day Ultimate Wellness & Performance Group Program encompasses it all.


The program includes:

  • Six in-person Saturday afternoon group masterclasses/experiences from health/wellness & performance professionals (2-3hrs)

  • Full immersive retreat day on the concluding day

  • Two weekly home strength & mobility sessions through our application scaled for different levels

  • Your OWN set of versatile resistance bands

  • Daily brief assignments: meditations, breathing, nutrition & movement

  • Unlimited Q&A support + video feedback through the members groupchat

  • Sophisticated accountability & experienced guidance throughout the entire program


With commitment and compliance to the program you will:


  • Improve focus, attention control & clarity

  • Enhance resilience & immune system functioning

  • Increase overall restfulness & self-control

  • Decrease chronic stress & Bodymind tension

  • Learn effective energy- & time management skills

  • Improve body composition, strength & physical ability

  • Establish authentic connection with like-minded individuals

  • Deepen your current level and amount of self-understanding/self-knowing

  • Learn when and how to apply + progress the apply specific tools/strategies that you learned


Some more important details...


The investment (yes it has a superb ROI) required to enroll in the Ultimate Wellness & Performance group-program is $469 when choosing the one-time payment option. We also provide the option to pay in two terms. Once your application form is assessed and approved, you will receive further details. 



To ensure the highest quality possible and to be able to support every individual with ongoing Q&A throughout the process, the maximum amount of participants for this transformative program is set on 22!


Ready to learn what school never taught you, regain your focus and reclaim your life? 


If this provokes a loud YES!,  fill out the application form below and we will welcome you soon in person in the next available program in your are!

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Fill out this form with you details and after we will get in touch with you after assessing it. 
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