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Vital Warrior Quest

Hybrid movement & vitality 1-day men retreat experience

MOVE towards:

A supple, powerful, vibrant & resilient body

A creative, sharp AND restful mind

More effectiveness & fulfilment

This program will be incredibly valuable if:

During the 'Vital Warrior Quest' day training you will systematically explore features from the 'HealthX1 System' with a deep dive into the foundation; the transformative and time efficient 'HX1 hybrid training method' for unmatched physical freedom, resilience, athletic performance and vitality. Furthermore, we'll cover multiple martial arts elements, breathing principles for performance, nutrition & recovery strategies, personal leadership/ownership, growth mindset, and awareness. 

This 'Vital Warrior Quest' day retreat can also be seen as an 'off switch' from your ongoing responsibilities as a busy professional, entrepreneur and/or father. Days like these are not only essential in order to be able to keep MOVING sustainably without depleting yourself, they also serve as reflection and redirection opportunities. This is absolutely critical to become a vital modern day warrior battling ongoing instantly gratifying temptations. 

As Vital Warriors we need each other. To remember why we are here and to exchange insights in previous challenges. Yet also to test ourselves in multidimensional ways ,and to hold each other accountable. During his day program you will connect with like minded men and create bonds that outsiders only dream of in western societies that are increasingly becoming more individualistic, and superficial.  

The Vital Warrior MEN-ONLY day retreat is an entirely new concept. It's merging new modalities with transformative elements from the 'vital entrepreneur coaching' and past experiences/programs/retreats. 

Carlos Coste- Worldrecord Freediver & Entrepreneur

I was looking to enhance my athletic performance and overall health through a tailored 4 month program with Niko. It exceeded my expectations! Not only is Niko extremely knowledgeable, he delivers everything in a way that guarantees sustainable success. My focus improved, physical freedom and recovery, coordination as well as my overall daily structure. Also my degree of moment to moment awareness transformed. Can’t recommend enough!

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Scherm­afbeelding 2024-04-24 om 17.05.34.png

Less Bullsh*t. More Essence

Less bullshit and more essence. That's what we as men need in order to become vital warriors in today's modern world filled with surface levels distraction, instant gratification and vitality compromising habits. It is also a prerequisite to move to rare degrees of physical freedom, vitality/longevity, and fulfilment.  

We understand that the average man would not consider joining this day program. The average man isn't curious, doesn't get nearly enough challenged/humbled or is looking for authentic (out)growth.


But perhaps you are an exception since you made it up to this point;)


So are you ready for a unique day retreat with 9 other men and start nurturing inner warrior qualities and implementing the most transformative of bodymind (training) strategies? If yes, make sure to read on. It only gets better from here. 

With commitment to yourself and by implementing covered strategies/principles you will move towards:

  • Improved athletic performance, body awareness, body composition, injury resilience & physical freedom

  • Improved focus, attention control & clarity

  • Enhanced libido, vitality & immune system functioning

  • Increased overall restfulness & self-control

  • Increased insight in martial arts and self-defence principles

  • Decreased bodymind tension & chronic stress

  • Better self-understanding/self-knowing

  • Deep connection with like-minded men

  • Learned when and how to apply + progress the specific tools/strategies that you learned

Blurry Forest

Vital Warrior Quest Retreat Experience

Roermond area (NL) location + online follow up components
Anchor 1
Saturday June 15th 09:30-17:30 (+concluding halal barbecue until 19:00)
Only 10 adult men (21-55 y/o) are accepted in this first edition. The program is in English except for when only Dutch speaking men
€155,- all inclusive 

The day program includes:

  • ​​The core of the day retreat is the gradual exploration of the 'HealthX1' system for unprecedented levels of vitality & performance with the deepest dive into its core pillar physical movement and the HX1 hybrid training method (floor, rings, band, play) by program lead Drs. Niko Sati Nikolic 

  • Introduction to mixed martial art by guest teacher Sven Janssen: Judo black belt and BJJ brown belt/IBJJF champion. All in a controlled, safe and scalable format. 

  • Additional challenges & assignments (cold water exploration, bow shooting, physical games, deep breathing,  rest etc.) spread over the day as well as a awareness practice contribution by Sarah Sati (Mindful Island creator and mindfulness meditation teacher)

  • Lunch as part of 'nutrition assignment'

  • Individual 15 minute coaching session as follow up   

  • Electrolyte water and fruit

  • Concluding halal barbecue with the best fuel sources from 17:30-19:00


Tap the button below to claim your seat and make the reservation deposit of €45. You will receive a confirmation of your booking with more details within 24 hours.

There's no intake or selection procedure for the Vital Warrior Quest. If you are free of major injuries you can sign up below. Need more details? Feel free to send a whatsapp message/call program leader Niko through  +31627564517

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