On Identity: Who Am I?

Updated: 3 days ago

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog or article. Three years ago to be precise. Why you might wonder? Besides my first daughter being born, these past years have been quite egoistically centered around deepening my comprehension of true health. An understanding you cannot gain from ANY academic textbook but solely by direct self exploration and pilot application with just a very limited number of students. Whilst my future articles will be of a more 'scientific nature' (meaning referring to specific strong evidence for some claims or recommendations that I'll be making), this blog is different and more personal. It is actually the first time that I will be sharing chapters from 'my life story' and how it relates to everything that I'm (not) doing.

Let's rewind a little...

It was a humid evening in Rio de Janeiro when I arrived in my hostel after an almost 30-hour bus ride from Argentina. By then I had been solo traveling through Central and South America for almost 5 months, deepening my already existing health practices and exploring new ones. While unpacking my backpack in the shared but seemingly empty dormitory, a fellow traveller walked in and started a conversation. It was not just a short common backpacking conversation it turned out later. This friendly middle age man was definitely on the path of self-development and, before I knew it, he asked me this simple but most profound question; Who are you?

‘Of course, I know who I am’ I heard myself think, and I started explaining. I told him that I was a graduated Health Scientist who was exploring/researching a wide variety of practices, which would lead to the best body, mind and health possible.

‘’Are you meditating already?’’ He asked. I told him that I started experimenting with meditation about a month ago after reading a book on Buddhism.

‘’Just sit with it.’’ he said.