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"The practice of fasting breaks you out of your routine, creating space between you and your habitual patterns. From this space clarity emerges."

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Welcome to the New Moon Fast Retreat

On this page you will find all of the materials you need to get the most out of your fasting retreat experience. To prepare for the retreat take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the content on this page. Much of the information on this page will be addressed during the retreat as well. So please bring questions then, or if you have questions before the day of, email us at

This page includes:

  • Retreat Guidelines - what to expect during the retreat and what will be expected of you

  • New Moon Fast Manual - information on fasting, fasting schedules, and the symbolic nature of the new moon

  • Guided Meditations - to be used the days before your retreat experience

  • Video content on the benefits of fasting and fasting practices

Welcome the New: New Moon Guided Meditation

Complete Alignment - Affirmations for Transformation

New Moon Fast Downloadable PDF Guide

Clarifying your Guiding Principles Activity

Download the Mindful Island Guide to New Moon Fasting. In this guide you will find valuable information, insights, practices, and tips to make your fasting experience as beneficial as possible. Included in the guide are sample fasting schedules to meet you where you are in this moment. 

Use this activity during your fast experience to help clarify what matters to you most. Having a clear vision of your core values gives you the ability to more fully align your actions with your beliefs. This alignment naturally alleviates stress and increases well-being. 



Recommended Fasting Practices

Below are video practices to support your understanding of how to apply the recommendations listed in the New Moon Fast PDF Guide. In the guide 

New Moon Dates 2022

Ready to go DEEPER?

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