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Nikita Ignatiev

Creative Zen M Media Explorer

Video Converter enables you to convert video files to a format and size suitable for your video capable Creative portable media player. Use the application also to transfer converted video files to your video capable Creative portable media player.

Creative zen m media explorer

I had considered every personal media player on the market before picking up the Zen Vision W. Money was truly no object, I just wanted to get one that had a fantastic screen, long battery life and excellent compatibility with a wide range of encoding and formats.

i had the old vision:m and it was a awesome reliable player. although i moved on to a ipod video 60gb i do miss being able to play avi/divx videos. The vision:w does look a bit too big though. For nothappy you can use windows media player to copy the files over.

hy,i got creative zen!that thing is stupid,i got win xp with sp1 and of course,its needs sp2 or better,so basicly i need to change my computers Software to put some mp3 on the player,why?is there realypeople who wona doo all that just to lisen to some music,and why nobody told me about things like that when i both the frikin thing,its aint cheap too,so whats the crack?maybe somebody can help me to get this done without spending hours at the computer luking for some upgrades and installing and uninstalling things,i just dont have time for all that sh,i just wont that thing to work.thanks

about your battery, for my zen vision m, i used to have it plugged in, and chargin while i used it on home speakerss andhtinks, if you keep things charging, or just plugged in while its finished charging for a long time, the battery life goes down, so my zen m used to have a 14 hour bat life, and now it has about a 8, so you might just want a new battery. though, ithink that creative should make a battery like they did for the vision, where its extended time. OR another one, that its just an adapter, that you can put AA or AAA batterys in, so its like a shell, and you can just keep putting batterys in over and over, it would be great

Eric: -Vision-Docking-Station-Black/dp/B000BM2Q8Q/ref=pd_bbs_11/002-8844718-9172802?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1183406743&sr=8-11(thats the place i get all mods for zen, and some even come from creative)

The ZEN is a portable media player designed and manufactured by Creative Technology. This flash memory-based player is the de facto successor[3] of the ZEN Vision:M and was announced on August 29, 2007, to be available in capacities of 2, 4, 8, and 16 GB, as of September 14.[4] A 32 GB model was announced on December 4, 2007, setting a record for storage capacity among flash players.[5] The ZEN is referred to also by the identifier DVP-FL0001 though this does not appear on the unit.

The player has a width of 83 mm (3.3 in), a height of 55 mm (2.2 in) and is 11.3 mm (0.44 in) thick, making it the slimmest Creative portable media player and the second slimmest Creative player of any type (other than the discontinued MuVo Slim[6]) at the time of its release. Because of its dimensions, the ZEN is advertised to be the "size of a credit card".[7] This is the first Creative player to have a SD card slot (enabling the support of SD and SDHC cards; an optional adapter is needed for microSD and miniSD cards), support for DRM free iTunes-encoded AAC (in a ".m4a" extension), as well as a truecolor TFT LCD display.

The Zen Vision W is a portable media player developed by Creative Technology Ltd. that was released in September of 2006. It comes in a 30gb and 60gb model. The Zen Vision W supports multiple types of audio, video, and image files. It has a 4.3" high resolution display and an easily removable lithium-ion battery.

Jeremy Toeman is a seasoned Product leader with over 20 years experience in the convergence of digital media, mobile entertainment, social entertainment, smart TV and consumer technology. Prior ventures and projects include CNET, Viggle/Dijit/Nextguide, Sling Media, VUDU, Clicker, DivX, Rovi, Mediabolic, Boxee, and many other consumer technology companies. This blog represents his personal opinion and outlook on things.

Transferring Music Files: Severalaudio selections have been preloaded to the player's memory to allow you tolisten to music immediately. You can download additional music tracks fromInternet music sites or "rip" them from audio CDs. Music files must beencoded to MP3, WMA or WAV file formats, then transferred to the player with thesupplied software. Audio tracks can be organized by Playlists, Albums, Artists, and Genres.

Hopefully, the struggle to retain youth will also diminish for both the media and the world of advertising. Hopefully, too, individuals will willingly and openly embrace their later years. Those changes will be the seeds to an elder culture that looks at bigger truths, acts in a more socially concerned manner, takes responsibility for the environment, and views all life as a gift. Maybe, just maybe, an elder culture could teach the young that war, killing, and cruelty can be replaced by a sincere regard for other humans. Ah, then the true value of a long life would become a reality!


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