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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Mindfulness and why is it so crucial for self transformation?

Mindfulness, which has its roots in thousands year old traditions like buddhism, can best be thought of in the modern world as a perspective approach to viewing life experience as it unfolds in each moment.  This perspective is one of an impartial witness to experience.  A good way to imagine this is as though you are watching a dramatic movie on tv.  You can either be the actor, and directly involved in the drama, or you can watch the actor experiencing the drama but be completely uninvolved in the drama itself.  


Mindfulness is not a religion or a dogma, it is merely a suggested way of experiencing life so that a person will naturally be less imposed upon by the emotional rollercoaster that so often is a result of the natural ups and downs of being human.  


The reason mindfulness is so crucial to transformation can again be explained through the example above.  Suppose you are the director of the movie you are watching above and you need a certain type of lighting for the scene you are in the process of filming.  Unless you witness how the actor is positioned and where the light is best, you cannot adequately direct them to achieve your desired gaol.  


By being the witness we are not suggesting you become the director, as the truth is, you are already actually both.  What we are suggesting is that, through your position as the witness, you are better able to direct the experiences of your life as they unfold, but in a way that is impartial to outcomes.  


The witness recognizes, unlike the director who tries to control all elements, that control is an illusion and all one can ultimately do is provide the best stage possible for which to live life upon.  To step into the seat of the witness is unlock your inner wisdom to transform your own mental outlook and then from there your entire life with transform naturally.

Why the name Mindful Island?

Mindful Island is a reference to a talk the Buddha gave in his 80's regarding taking refuge in the 'island of the self'.   From this time forward spiritual leaders across the globe have urged individuals to turn inward to experience the Universe within.  


Each of us has the lamp of the guru or teacher waiting inside to be lit.  In the modern world most people spend their whole life looking out, and so miss the chance to light their inner lamp and rely on the one thing they can always rely on, themselves. 


Relying solely on the external world leads to much confusion and causes people to become lost.  By letting go of the dependency on what is outside of you, you strike the match to light the lamp of wisdom within.


At Mindful Island, our mission is to support humans across the globe to light their own inner lamps.  By directing people to their own power of self transformation we seek to provide a message to the world that all we need we already have.  

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What is Mindfulness and why is it so crucial for self transformation?
Why the name "Mindful Island"?
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