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Where To Buy A Zip Line Kit

Just wanted to let you know we're loving our zip line kit we bought from you guys. The kids and their friends spend hours on it. The resources on your site were great and helped me figure out how to do a pole with a guy line/anchor for the end of my run instead of a tree. This zip line will provide endless hours of fun for the whole family.

where to buy a zip line kit

Download Zip:

The Ultimate Torpedo Kit is designed for the most adventuresome zip liners. This kit comes with everything you'll need to experience zip lining to it's fullest. It features the Torpedo Trolley with dual ball bearings for incredible speed and smoothness.

The Spring Stop Zip Line Kit is the perfect addition to any backyard. The Fusion Tesa Trolley is lightweight and easy to remove from the line when not in use. Comes with a swing seat and Spring Stop for a sweet little ride.

Sometimes you want a more do-it-yourself experience. Our DIY Cable Kits are for building the perfect backyard zip line from scratch - well nearly! These kits get you started with all the cable and hardware you'll need in various lengths and gauges. This Kit comes with 10' of extra cable, so that you have plenty to work with.

The DIY Cable Kits get the party started for your next zip line project (or maybe the first). It's the easiest way to expand your little adventure park, especially if you have the other gear already. The DIY Cable Kits come with Cable, Hardware to connect to two trees, a Turnbuckle backup kit and safety Stop Block.

The zip line works good but it is almost impossible to get the line tight. If it came with some type of come a long or ratchet it would make it worth it. I had to take my truck and tie one end of the cable to stop it from dragging. With the trucking pulling toward the ground I could only get it partly tight.

Our ziplines and slacklines are of the highest quality. Our products are designed to get you, your friends and your kids outside, active, away from TV's, tablets, game consoles and getting your and their share of vitamin D, exercise and fresh air!

At 150 feet, this zip line is among the longest on the market. It comes with everything you need, including tree protectors, a fully enclosed carriage with nonslip handles, an adjustable seat, and hanging hardware. If your kids prefer to stand rather than sit, the seat can also be removed. Reviewers rave about how easy it is to install, which is always a plus.

Horse Cave KY is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Find more about this process here.Are your kids always staying indoors, watching TV, or playing video games? Would you rather see them outdoors or in the yard, engaging in more sporty activities? If so, you can add more fun into their lives by installing a zip line kit in your backyard.

The cable has a length of 95 feet, which is more than enough and it is provided with a 5-foot sling cable with a 5.3-foot spring brake to soften the finish line. This way you will get plenty of space to slide and catch some speed, which will boost the fun. Seeing as this unit is designed to fit users of different ages (8+), other nice features are the rubberized handles and the seat height adjustment feature, which allows you to enable 4 different distances between the chair and the ground, thus making the ride comfortable for every member of the family.

If you want to bring adventure to your backyard, take a look at this amazing suspended pulley from Zipline. Made of galvanized steel, the Eagle Series is one of the most hard-wearing kits out there. It comes with a 90-foot long cable and a 7-foot sling cable. Those two combined create a tension that can hold up to 250 pounds and they are also resistant to the elements. The weather resistance adds to the safety, as rust can damage the cable, which can be dangerous for your hands. The recommended age is 8 years old and higher, so, as long as the capacity is not exceeded, even adults can take a ride.

Similar to others on this list, the Epic Series has fitted ball bearings that help maximize speed and intensity. Additionally, it is equipped with handles that have slip-preventing grips for safety and comfort. All these features together with the assembly manual that comes with it make this kit more user-friendly. This suspended pulley can be in the frontline when talking about the entertaining equipment that you can buy for your loved ones. It will provide priceless fun and delight for years to come.

Ready to take the jump and watch your kids fly across your garden on your own zipline? The mini zipline kit will provide hours of fun for everyone and has been designed for a quick and easy installation.

The zipline kit is a type of gear that is unlocked at level 15. It allows users to place ziplines at two different points, and use them like any other zipline thereafter. This object is interchangeable, and can be removed by using the back-gear keybind button while facing the already placed zipline. Users can place up to a maximum of 3 ziplines.

The zipline kit has some specifications regarding how and where it can be used. The zipline must be placed at two points in order for it to be usable. To do this, the user must place the first end of the zipline using the back-gear key (X by default). by doing so, they will place a semi-visible zipline base, which can then be finished by selecting another location by LEFT clicking. The second location must be somewhat lower than the first, and the path in which the two lines connect must be clear from other objects or any type of obstructing. to use the zipline after it is finished, press the interact key (E by default) on the uppermost part of the zipline. This also applies to ziplines already placed around the map.

When you have an adventurous family, you have to do your best to provide them with the best entertainment, especially during times when vacations aren't ideal. These backyard zipline kits will keep the whole family entertained.

Ziplining is one of the most exciting outdoor activities you can experience! According to Adrenaline Constructions, a zipline is a cable that connects two points at different heights. Once you're secured in your harness, you'll step from one side to complete your trip to the end of the parallel cable.

The pulley and harness work with gravity to pull riders down the cable for a fun trip. You might have seen ziplining in movies or travel commercials. It's a great activity for sightseeing (and for adrenaline junkies).

Slackers is a top-pick brand for at-home zipline kits. This high-quality $88 kit is great for beginners. It has a 40-foot cable, which is perfect for small backyards. Since it has a short cable (meaning shorter rides) and has a weight limit of 200 pounds, I'd say it's the best pick for children learning how to zipline.

Once kids get comfortable with a zipline, allow them to proceed to a longer cable. This cable glows in the dark, making it perfect for sleepovers. Don't worry, the Night Riderz Series Zipline Kit is a safe and durable kit! All of Slackers' ziplines meet safety standards.

Slackers' 70-inch Hawk Series Zipline has an adjustable cable for a shorter ride. Many Amazon reviews mention the excellent braking system, easy installation, and safety features. A customer gave it a five-star review and said, "Kids. Really like it. Seems sturdy. And as safe as a zip line can be. Brake is a must have."

Novice zipliners might be a little nervous about this one. There are two zipline cable lengths: 118 feet and 200 feet. This heavy-duty zipline will provide hours of fun. The trolley can be easily removed from any part of the cable. (So feel free to take it to Grandma's this summer.)

This 40-foot zipline kit is one of the best zipline kits for children. Since the main cable is short, kids will be able to warm up with short, smooth rides. A customer said it was exactly what his kids wanted.

Vevor's zipline has a weight capacity of 250lbs. The comfortable seat hangs within 4-feet of the ground, so don't worry too much about heights! The 100-ft long cable and 4.7-ft long sling cable are durable.

The Quicksilver kit hooks directly to the included harness for an intense and safe ride through the trees. The Quicksilver trolley itself is the heart of the system, with a blazing maximum speed of 120 miles per hour, sealed dual-bearing wheels, and a braking strength of 10,000 pounds. For the price, you get a spool of cable, the braking system, harness, and tree anchoring equipment. The only thing you need is a tensioning tool, which you can borrow from Ziplinegear and mail back. The kit is available in lengths between 150 and 500 feet, and it can hold up to 350 pounds.

Track Rides have been a favorite on any playground for many years. Now, with ziplines being the fastest growing recreation sport in the world we are excited to bring ziplines to the playground with ZipKrooz and ZipKrooz Assisted for children of all abilities.

Slide lines are a great way to move branches from the tree to the designated landing zone quickly and efficiently. Often the area directly below the tree being pruned will be unavailable as a drop zone. By setting up a speed line you can preserve the area below the tree and still get the job done quickly.

All the gear needed to speed line branches from the tree to the landing zone. Speed lining pieces out of a tree along a diagonal, tensioned rope can be a handy way to replace straight-down lowering on some jobs. Speed lining pieces directly to the chipper truck can save time, effort, and protect the area at the base of the tree. Kit contains plenty of slings, a rope, a set of pulleys to tension the line, and Loopie to anchor the system.

This kit provides a good selection of gear for setting up a Vertical slide line kit and keeping your rounds in the target zone. The Crosby shackle attaches at the bases of the tree with the dead eye sling to anchor the Pro-Master rope and form the base of the VSL. Rounds can then be sent down the line attached to the VSL slings and kept from leaving the drop zone. 041b061a72


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