Prescription Meditations

Just as there are a number of pills you can take to deal with certain ailments or improve upon your already well state, so too you can use meditations to address any issues you are currently facing, but without the negative side effects of western medicine.


 Use the prescription meditations on this page to meet your specific needs as you journey towards wholeness. 

Gyan Mudra

Want to go deeper?

If you are dealing with a unique issue, it is likely you would be better served with a personalized prescription meditation. To get started with the process, visit our personalized meditation page.

Copy of Copy of Mindfully.png

New to meditation?

If you are new to meditation, first read Live Mindfully, On Meditation for instructions that will help you utilize these prescriptions more effectively.  This short guide is available as an e-book on Amazon for only $2.99.

Intention Through Intuition

This prescription meditation is an activity for intention and goal setting.  You can choose to download your prescription with or without music.  Both downloads are accompanied by a PDF guide for processing your experience and clarifying your intentions.

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