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What We Need Most Of Right NOW

If it wasn’t obvious yet 5 years ago, it’s most certainly now. The world is longing for true health. I would even say a stubborn vitality virus that spreads rapidly and touches everyone. In this article you will gain insights in why true health is needed more now than ever before, find out why the traditional schooling system is failing, the missing puzzle in current governmental policies and three overarching fundamental strategies that will help you to move towards true health and ultimate wellbeing.

So why you might wonder? Why is true health needed now more than ever before?

Just look around you and see. How many people do you personally know that are reflecting and embodying true health?

How many people in your direct circle come consistently across as restful, as energetic, focused, purposeful, connected, as in touch with their body and essence?

How many people are experiencing high degrees of physical freedom that allow them to live life to its fullest?

The odds are high that your answer is not many. I consider true health and ultimate wellbeing to be a combination of these and other qualities. Not merely an absence of sickness.

Unfortunately, dis-ease has become the norm. Prevalence numbers of obesity, related welfare illnesses, chronic stress, depression, ongoing anxiety and increasing healthcare costs worldwide reflect this plainly. Not only that, but these numbers are also predicted to rise in the decades ahead. Connect this to the current covid pandemic and you will see that over 90 percent of people hospitalized because of covid has another underlying medical condition. This is also known as comorbidity. Over 80 percent has even three or more of such underlying conditions (1).

Should this come as a surprise? I my opinion not.

Why? Well let’s be honest here. How much of the things that you learned in primary and high school are helping you today to move towards true health, self-actualization and ultimate wellbeing? Can you list five teachings? Likely you cannot.

Some might deem this to be funny. I consider it however to be extremely sad that traditional education has not even dedicated a single curriculum around how to nourish our Bodymind and spirit in a sustainable, constructive fashion. Not a single course on how to nurture and facilitate true health. On how to make ourselves resilient to the unexpected waves of life. On how to become connected and thriving human beings who use their resources wisely and are considering themselves to be part of nature, instead of above. Part of an interconnected, bigger picture.

In other words, modern society suffers quite literally from self-care illiteracy.

And here we are, two years into the pandemic. Considering the absence of effective lifestyle strategies being shared by governmental bodies through mainstream media, I can only conclude the following: facilitating true health and emphasizing prevention isn’t really a priority within the current paradigm and system. Almost all endeavors and resources are directed towards curative care.

Several of the so called ‘safety’ measures that are being imposed are not actually enhancing true health. On the contrary, they are decreasing vitality, suppressing immunity, and making us prone to infection and sickness.

What do these measures have in common? They are reactive by nature and merely focusing on aspects outside of ourselves. In the long run this will only increase the underlying problem and inhibit freedom.

As it becomes clearer by the day, we cannot jab ourselves out of this crisis. Whether you are vaccinated or not, the only way out is by going in. In other words, we must start to build internal resilience and enhancing our vitality from within for true health to unfold.

It’s nothing less than an illusion if we think that the covid pandemic, underlying health crisis and even increasing polarization will end if we just keep repeating what we’ve been doing.

To overcome these challenges, we must regain our focus, become ruthless to distraction, and start doing what’s needed to break our conditioning. Only if we break our conditioning can we possibly change our life conditions.

The first step in all this is seeing. Seeing clearly and mindfully that our modern environment completely mismatches our bio-genetical needs. Recognizing that our environment confuses our primal brain.

But also seeing that the ongoing exposure to comfort, the addiction to convenience and pleasure weakens us day in day out. And as we can see now, weak people create difficult times. This is not a judgement but rather a karmic consequence.

So yes, we need collective transformation. Yet since the collective or total is a sum of many, transformation needs to start on an individual level. We all must take responsibility and once again step behind the steering wheel of life. This means that the current normal, which leads to dis-ease and disconnection, needs to become the exception, while the exception needs to become the new normal for this to happen.

It is essential to recognize that there is no single one strategy, practice or domain that will induce this. That there is no single one strategy or practice which is the holy grail. Moving towards true health and ultimate wellbeing requires a multidimensional integral approach, rather than a fragmentated, one-dimensional one as is so often portrayed. It requires you to become aware of, learn and engrain multiple strategies that you need to be able to utilize with sensitivity to context and the changing nature of human life.

I totally understand if this sounds overwhelming. Yet my partner Sarah Sati and I have dedicated our lives to exploring, researching, and transmitting our findings to support you as an individual, but also communities to move towards ultimate wellbeing and thrive authentically.

The following three overarching strategies, which will be discussed in further detail in upcoming articles/videos, are going to support you tremendously to overcome dis-ease, restlessness and move towards true health:

1) Start worrying less about online connections and prioritizing more in-person connections with people like-minded individuals. Our human animal-self thrives in community, not in isolation. Come frequently together and communicate in both verbal and non-verbal ways like physical movement, meditations or walks in nature.

2) Start planning mini-relaxation breaks (about 5/10 minutes) throughout your days. This will help to decompress and calm your system which is likely constantly already overactive.

3) Begin to deliberately invite discomfort and acute stressors into your life. Most people in modern society aren’t doing this and this weakens us as you could read in this article. Examples are strength training, cold water immersions, and power breathing practices. Temporary stressors are beneficial to your entire system.

I also highly recommend downloading our ‘begin here’ 21-day prescription meditation + activity plan which is available for FREE until January 31st instead of €21.99! Engraining daily meditation into your life is one of the best things you can do that will move you towards self-knowing AND self-mastery, both essential overarching qualities for those aspiring true health and ultimate wellbeing.

From now onwards, Sarah and I are going to intensify our efforts by making weekly short videos in which we elaborate on strategies that we consider essential engraining in your life to induce true health. We will also dive into qualities that reflect true health and ultimate wellbeing. So if you haven’t yet, make sure to explore our Youtube Channel.

Until next time,

Niko Sati Nikolić (MSc.)

Final note...

If you read this article until the end, you can consider yourself to be a renegade spirit. You are heading in the right direction. Stay on track captain.


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