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Top Five Gifts for Authentic Well-Being

For us, it feels like buying gifts for people gets more challenging every year.

Can you relate?

This is, of course, relative, but in our circle of family and friends, and at the pace of rapid technological development in our cultural experiences, people are increasingly able to buy what they want, when they want, and get it delivered as fast as they want, literally any time of year.

This ease and abundance, although in some ways a wonderful thing, comes with its share of downsides. As, if you follow us at all, we often discuss.

One such downside that the holidays highlights is that rapid, self initiated, non-stop desire fulfillment leaves gift givers searching, sometimes quite depressingly, for what they could possibly give that would be well received. And of course what the receiver TRULY NEEDS.

If you resonate with what we're speaking about and are still searching for what to give to the people you love this holiday season, we want to share a rule we live by: find the most vitality promoting gifts and give those. Or put them on your wish list!

To help you out with last minute gift giving, check out our top 5 list of authentic (out)growth promoting gifts below. This list hits for every budget and every person!


  1. Sunlamp: Enhance your entire physiology and improve mood, focus, and energy levels with CONSISTENT usage. To buy our favorite, CLICK HERE.

  2. Vitality Gift Basket:

    1. High Quality Omega-3 Supplement: Reduce chronic, low-grade inflammation, enhance mood, cognition and creativity. Make sure to choose a variant high in DHA & EPA. To buy our favorite, CLICK HERE.

    2. Dried Figs: High in potassium and calcium for bone health, this is an especially powerful food for the plant based friends. To buy our favorite, CLICK HERE.

    3. Yerbe Mate Tea: Rich in antioxidants, yerbe mate also offers a clean energy elevation that has been shown to boost mood and improve mental and physical performance. To buy our favorite, CLICK HERE.

    4. Brazil Nuts: Eating Brazil nuts may reduce inflammation, support brain function, and improve your thyroid function and heart health. To buy our favorite, CLICK HERE.

    5. Hemp Seeds: A great source of magnesium, which helps regulate your heartbeat and is linked to the prevention of coronary heart disease. To buy our favorite, CLICK HERE.

    6. Dark Chocolate: High in antioxidants, we suggest to buy the type that is 70% or higher and if possible absent of emulsifiers. To buy our favorite, CLICK HERE.

  3. Wooden Gymnastic Rings: Have someone in the family who is motivated to move towards more physical freedom and resilience but doesn't like going to an indoor gym? This gift will help to shake things up and open a new perspective on movement. To buy our favorite, CLICK HERE.

  4. Meditation Cushion & On Meditation E-Book: Meditation gives people space to create new perspectives on life and handle stressful situations with greater ease. Pair a cushion with our Live Mindfully: On Meditation E-book, which describes the process of meditation in an easy to digest way, and help your loved one deepen what truly matters in life; their inner connection. To purchase ON Meditation: CLICK HERE For our favorite Meditation cushion: CLICK HERE

  5. Ferment Kit: Ferments have been shown to regulate the gut microbiome, improve mood, support healthy weight management, and more. To buy our favorite, CLICK HERE.

Once you have finished buying gifts, then it is time for presence. As usual, we have you covered here as well.

If you are in Bonaire or Northern California this holiday season, check out one of our live events for authentic growth & connection.

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