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Stop Neglecting This Crucial Dimension For Vitality

In my previous article I talked about the importance of acute stressors for longevity, vitality and self-knowing beyond surface level. I explained why cold water exposure is an incredibly potent strategy to do so and induce what is known as hormesis, the scientific term for cellular stress that enhances Bodymind resilience.

While inviting conducive acute stressors can be seen as the exemption these days, this isn’t the case with lower grade chronic stress. This is clearly reflected by the number of people suffering from chronic stress and consequently burn out in the western world.

The unfortunate truth is that most people are overstimulated and enslaved by the dopamine-driven environment we find ourselves in. Always looking for the next quick shot of dopamine by scrolling from one feed to another hoping for an unexpected surprise in the form of a new like or follow. Or by eating one processed sugary and/or fatty snack after another. Or a combination of both while the news- which ensures that you remain in a fearful, reactive state- is turned on in the background. Always on the run for more, because we are out of balance and lost the sense of 'enoughness'.

Fact is that true relaxation, decompression, here and nowness and authentically knowing how to and engaging in the art of slowing down are becoming scarcer by the day.

The karmic consequence? Chronically elevated cortisol levels and ongoing mental restlessness which lead to more outward seeking of stimuli, more cortisol and more inner restlessness. This cycle is then the recipe for energy leaks and depletion, a malfunctioning digestive system, hormonal disruptions, weight gain, low grade inflammation, dis-ease and sickness.

So why did we lose our knowing of actual relaxation?

The primary reason is because we lost connection. Not merely the connection with our Bodymind needs, but also with each other and nature leading to a perputal state of stress, anxiety and fear. Not good for anyone and definitely not for your performance, relationships, vitality, quality of life and to move towards achieving your deepest aspirations. We often tend to think that relaxation is watching 3 Netflix shows in the evening with a few beers and a bag of chips, nothing wrong with if this is a sporadic act, but truly detrimental if this is your to go pattern for relaxation. While in might be temporary pleasant and relaxing, our physiological system will interpret this as yet another stressor.

So yes, another overarching strategy that you as a renegade truly need to master and engrain into your daily/weekly calendar is relaxation. It is not for without reason that true relaxation is one of the core dimensions in our integral system for ultimate wellbeing. Just as acute stress is crucial for true health, authentic relaxation is. When you learn to dance intelligently and intentionally between those two polarities alchemy occurs by means of growth, balance, creativity and vitality. Besides, stopping and literally slowing down is one of the best ways to start restoring connection with our bodymind needs and at times reflect on your life’s direction.

Another truth is that true relaxation won’t likely happen by itself. The antidote? Intentionally scheduling for relaxation and connection of different kinds in your daily and weekly calendar.

Now there are different ways that you can embed relaxation into your calendar, ranging from brief practices that take a minute or less to longer practices. Truth is also that daily short intentional relaxation breaks will have a greater overall effect compared to undertaking one long relaxation bound every 10 days. Therefore I recommend to start embedding relaxation in the following way; every single day you start taking an intentional 5 minute decompression break anywhere between lunch and dinner. The only instruction for now is that you must disengage from looking at any screen and ideally somehow dilate your vision. Choose a position that feels appropriate and natural in your unique setting.

Five minutes every single day for 10 days straight. That's it for now.

Start like this and explore what the effects this has on your bodymind. This was all for today. In my next article I will share a strategy that will make this decompression breaker even more effective and potent for Bodymind vitality.

In vitality,


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