"An immobile and unhealthy body is a distraction for higher possibilities"


Move Mindfully. Be Well.

Being present during movement is one facet of mindful movement, as is knowing at any given time, whether looking with your eyes or not, where your body exists in space. Further down the line, moving mindfully represents choosing movement practices, postures and positions that are beneficial for a human, not just in the short term but for long term health, mobility, and functionality. Move Mindfully and increase your physical freedom. 

Mindful Moving

Learn to Move Mindfully

Expansion Through The Body

Regain your attention and become sensitive to your unique physical needs.  During this course you will learn the skills necessary to increase your physical freedom.

Yoga Fundamentals

During this 8-week course you will move from the unknown to the known. Explore the foundation of yoga through your body, mind and breath.

Yoga Fundementals.png