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How to Get Fly Punch Boom! for Free on PC - Full Version

the game offers a lot of depth to the gameplay. there are two forms of damage: direct and ranged. the direct damage is based on the amount of strength of the attack and the range is based on the speed of the attack. the range can be adjusted using a special ability called "trajectory."

Fly Punch Boom! PC Game Free Download

the game also offers a few different attack types. there are three types of attacks which are called "dash," "dash punch" and "dash blast." dash attacks are the basic attacks which are quick and easy to perform. dash punch attacks are stronger versions of dash attacks. dash blast is the final punch which can be performed while dashing. dash punch and dash blast are fueled by the "dash" meter. the meter has a tendency to drain as you perform more attacks. after the meter has been depleted the dash punch and dash blast become weaker. the more powerful attacks are your dash punch and dash blast if the dash meter is completely drained.

most of the attacks are fairly easy to perform and have a few additional options such as the dash punch counter, dash punch combo and dash blast combo. in addition, a few characters have additional special attacks such as the dash storm, dash thunder and dash eclipse. these attacks are fueled by the "super dash" meter. unlike the dash meter, the super dash meter does not drain as you perform more attacks.

at the beginning, you arent given much information about what you are controlling. youre flying around a bunch of different arenas taking down enemies. by the time you finish the first arena, youd be given a tutorial of sorts to teach you the controls. one of the best things about fly punch boom! is the controls. its very responsive. i made a mistake in my first match and it immediately responded to my input and put me back on track.


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