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Nikita Ignatiev
Nikita Ignatiev

LogixPro V1.6.1 Allen Bradley PLC Simulator 64 Bit

LogixPro v1.6.1 Allen Bradley PLC Simulator 64 bit

logixpro is our flagship software program. in addition to providing a comprehensive set of tools for mechanical engineers, process engineers, industrial process control system integrators and others, the program is also designed to be a reliable, stable, and easy-to-use simulator of rockwell automation plcs. the plc simulator is a fully independent software package that mimics the physical and operational characteristics of a real plc; the sequencing logic of a ladder-logic program; and the graphical presentation of the plc's window. this unique feature enables the user to work on a simulation of a plc system to get the feel and operation of a plc. the simulation not only simulates the physical, electrical, and mechanical aspects of the system, but also simulates the plc's programming environment with a world-class programmable ladder logic editor. the plc editor/emulator is designed to be completely stand-alone and work without the need for any other program. it is the software that allows a user to control the physical and operational aspects of a simulated plc. and because the plc emulator is not tied to a specific simulation, any simulation can be used with it. the plc simulator is not just for plc programmers. it is for anybody who needs to simulate and test industrial equipment and systems. in addition to mechanical and electrical engineers and process control system integrators, it can also be used by industrial process control systems integrators, production managers, purchasing agents, plant managers, and others involved in the industrial process control field. the plc simulator is available in a one-time license (through the internet) or a perpetual license.


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