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Nikita Ignatiev

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An addition to the main storyline is the appearance of a new type of dinosaur species called the "deathrunners" by the natives. They are clearly evolved dromaeosaurs with an intelligence that easily surpasses that of the Venatosaurus. They are intelligent and crafty enough to create complex traps and plan strategies long beforehand. They "serve" a gigantic lone dromaeosaur named "Gaw". Gaw was originally the beast that the Skull Islanders appeased with human sacrifices instead of Kong. She is a monstrous raptor-like theropod with some dragon-like features in her face and a flat, almost Godzilla-90's-like snout. One day, she went on a rampage and killed Kong's parents in a brutal fight, leaving him the last of his kind; the two titans grew up with a bitter hatred until Kong killed Gaw in battle and he was then crowned "king" of the island, leading to the sacrifices to him currently.

Kong King Of Skull Island Cbr Download


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