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All of Mindful Island's transformative courses use the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, human development, biology and contemplative practices to develop programs that maximize success. 

Mindful Island's online courses and personalized coaching consist of live or pre-recorded weekly sessions interspersed with daily activities performed at crucial times for optimizing their transformative effect on the mind of the practitioner. 


All courses and coaching utilize the Mindful Island Method of Transformation. To learn more about this unique method, visit the About Section.

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Progressively move from the physical to the energetic. Recognize limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns. Experience the joy of inner alignment. 

The sustainable and effective cure for your unhealthy relationship to food? Mindfulness. Applying the concept of mindfulness to the eating experience has been proven to have long term positive affects on both body and mind.

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Understand your unique ability to find alignment in your physical body through the practice of Yoga using an Iyengar Yoga inspired approach.

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Recognize the traps of the suffering mind and begin the process of transcending current reality in order to experience your limitless potential. 

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Learn the skills and understanding necessary to create a unique and adaptable movement practice that enables you to achieve your maximum physical capacity.


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The in-person movement coaching program with Niko was exceptional. Highly educational, challenging and playful.  Also learned a lot in regards to conscious eating. Great investment! 

Laurent, Technical Diving Professional

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